The Sidetracked Sisters' Happiness File

happiness_filePam Young and Peggy Jones, the original SHEs, helped thousands of households turn chaos into order with their first big bestseller, Sidetracked Home Executives. In this follow-up best-selling book their fun-to-use and thought-provoking ideas and exercises can soon be helping you:

  • Solve your most pressing problems with convenient immediate action cards
  • Discover peace of mind by eliminating the clutter from your life
  • Use time you never knew you had with daily and monthly schedules that work
  • Explore your subconscious and develop your hidden assets through an exercise you’ll enjoy
  • Celebrate your family’s living history with special albums and other ways to cherish the past
  • Watch your happiness grow by remembering the simple things that mean so much


  • Part I
    • Chapter 1: Introduction & The Golden Halo
    • Chapter 2: We’ve Got a Ticket to Ride
    • Chapter 3: Early to Bed, Early to Rise Pays Off
  • Part II
    • Chapter 1: The First Week: Starting the System
    • Chapter 2: The Second Week: Getting It Together
    • Chapter 3: The Third Week: Working with Your Assets
    • Chapter 4: The Fourth Week: What’s on Your Mind
  • Part III
    • Chapter 1: The Witch and the Rosebud
    • Chapter 2: Eee I Eee I Oh
    • Chapter 3: The Jerk and the Graduate
    • Chapter 4: The Snit and the Courtship
  • Part IV
    • Chapter 1: January: Starting Over
    • Chapter 2: February: Love and Romance
    • Chapter 3: March: Dreams
    • Chapter 4: April: Prosperity
    • Chapter 5: May: Health and Beauty
    • Chapter 6: June: Parents and Kids
    • Chapter 7: July: Freedom
    • Chapter 8: August: Appreciation
    • Chapter 9: September: Work
    • Chapter 10: October: Laughter
    • Chapter 11: November: Hospitality, Friendship, and Giving
    • Chapter 12: December: Faith

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