The following is an excerpt from The Mouth Trap: the butt stops here! (Low-Carb Version) by Pam Young.

This book is dedicated to the word “mmmm.” Okay, I know it’s not really a word, but we all use it from time to time especially when we’ve tasted something yummy or smelled good food cooking like a turkey roasting, or cinnamon rolls baking. “Mmmm.”

I think we should use the word as much as we can because it’s a natural sound that when we make it, it enhances our experience, whatever it is. I had a very wise meditation teacher help me find my natural “ohm” sound when I was in my early twenties. He said, “Tell me what delights you.” The first thought out of my mind was, “Puppies.” So he said, “When you pick up a puppy and snuggle it, do you say anything?” I thought for a second and answered, “Yeah, I say ‘ohhhhhh.’ “That’s YOUR ohm sound and if you’ll use it in meditation when you breathe out you will become centered very quickly.” How wise! We really do have a personal ohm sound and a personal mmm and the more we use both of them the happier and more content we can be.

From now on when you hear yourself say, “mmm,” really enjoy the sensation. Let your “mmm” enhance the taste. It happens to me frequently when I’m in a nice restaurant and taste a new spice or flavor I don’t usually cook with at home. Whenever I take a bite that deserves an “mmm,” I savor it by closing my e yes and really getting into the experience. One bite can elicit several “mmms,” and that’s okay. If you get hit with an “mmm” in a restaurant you’ll need to use discretion. You don’t want to make a scene like Meg Ryan did in the movie When Harry Met Sally, but I trust you’ll use good judgment.

I’d also like to dedicate this book to all of you who have struggled with a weight problem. I know your tears of frustration. I’ve heard your cries of “It’s not fair,” “Why me?” and “What’s wrong with me?” I’ve felt the self-hate, the embarrassment and the sense of failure. I’ve been disappointed and angry with myself and I’ve given up so many times I can’t count them. I love each and every one of you and our struggles have inspired me to find a new way! Struggle is such an ugly word and it never works. Today you can decide to stop struggling and try a new approach. This new approach is unlike any you’ve ever thought of, because in your past you connected weight loss with torture distress, misery and sufferi ng and of course failure.

This approach is infused with joy and appreciation for life. This new approach can be like going on a dream vacation you’ve always looked forward to. As I embarked on this new way to eat and live, I took with me all the women in my life that I know personally who have struggled with a weight problem (and there are many) and I imagined them with me in spirit at every turn. I adore every one of them, from my grandmother to Oprah and all those in between. I couldn’t wait to be able to share my joyous findings with these women and those of you whom I don’t know.

I’m bursting with secrets and it’s FINALLY time to share them with you. Even though I can’t personally hear you, I’ll be delighted with every “mmm” you utter as you join me in this exciting adventure. I’ll be celebrating every pound you lose, every plateau you reach and every loving moment you spend being kind and easy with yourself.