Warehouse Sale! "Everything is Just $5"

We were cleaning out our warehouse (ahem) and discovered DVDs we no longer promote because I stopped calling Nelly a brat! I therefore quit selling the program Learn to Know Your Inner Brat and Get Your Acts Together (meaning yours and your inner brat’s).


The information is so valuable, (even though I use the term “brat”), it would be a shame to throw them out!

Instead, I’m going to sell them CHEAP! The program package originally sold for $29.95 and our clearance price for both together is just $5, plus postage and handling.

We will ship the Get Your Acts Together DVD, and after the successful purchase, you'll be redirected back to our website to listen to Learn to Know Your Inner Brat.

I received this precious email from a lovely woman. Wait until you read what happened to her because of this program.

 Dear Pam, 

"Learn to Know Your Inner Brat" is something I came across as an alcoholic in outpatient recovery. I had known the SHE books for years but was still struggling to implement it.

We were doing "inner child" work in rehab and carrying around stuffed animals...it was Greek to me. But when I read the inner brat emails from you, I broke. I cried and cried. It felt like, for the first time, my understanding of myself came into focus.

 I ordered the Get Your Acts Together/Learn to Know Your Inner Brat. Since then, 10 years ago, I've been sober and been able to heal my inner brat and understand better how to implement the various tools of recovery. It has also helped me be of service to other alcoholics.

I loved it and it helped me change my life. Melissa Radford

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These won't last long!

Learn to Know AND Get Your Acts Combo