Clever Gift Idea for Graduations, Weddings, Birthdays, Christmas, and Special Occasions

If you need a clever gift idea, this is the funniest, most creative way to give cash for all occasions. You use your creativity to disguise the money you want to give. Your gift will be the hit of the gathering and it's one gift that won't be returned!

Get organized and start collecting special occasion cards you'll need throughout the year so you'll have them when a celebration comes up.

When it comes time to give a gift, pick the appropriate card from your collection and put the money you want to give on the left side where there's usually no writing, using one of the "sticky" frames to hold the guy's face on the bill in place and disguise it with the stickers. (See all the stickers as they rotate below.)

Do you see Ben Franklin on the $100 bill in each of these frames?  



With your kit, you get 12 frames to hold 12 cash gifts in 12 different greeting cards for birthdays, anniversaries and special holidays and 88 disguises to stick on your cash gifts.



Give a gift everyone loves! 




In addition to the twelve frames, here are the actual sticker disguises.You can just sit and watch them display automatically.


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